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Friday, June 6, 2008

Solution Upgraded to VS2008

If you've downloaded the latest version of my code that I uploaded last night you may have noticed that I've finally upgraded the solution to use Visual Studio 2008.  If you're wondering why it took me so long it's because I've been waiting for the 4.0 release of Resharper (my favorite VS add-in). 

I also just got my license to VMWare Workstation and finally finished building my new development environment - so I'm now running Windows Server 2008 as my virtual machine for development.  What's nice about switching to VMWare is that I can now do snapshots and have a MOSS and WSS install setup so that I can test my extensions on both platforms (I'm still working on configuring the WSS snapshot and I'm hoping to have an updated install script for WSS when done).

This is my initial snapshot configuration:



Anonymous said...

Nice idea with the snapshots. I think I'll do the same except with hyper-v.

Gary Lapointe said...

Yeah - Hyper-V is on my list of things to look into - just not enough time in the day.