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Thursday, November 8, 2007

-debug Parameter

If you've downloaded my code recently you may have noticed that there's now a "-debug" parameter that's been added to all commands. Basically I just got tired of manually adding in the System.Diagnostics.Debugger.Launch() statement and then recompiling when I needed to debug. Note that the option has been there for several days now but I just now changed it so that it is only there as an option if you're using the debug build.


Anonymous said...

Gary.. this isn't a comment per se..

I'm having the same problem you noted here:

this is a brilliant post (thanks for following up on your work). I have gotten rid of all the probkems except the one where it says no page layouts exist.

My attempts at getting your code to work have been going well until I got to the XML stuff. WHen I attempt your code sample I get XML parsing errors.

Did you end up getting further with your STSADM version? I'd give that a try..

please mail me

thanks and kind regards


Gary Lapointe said...

I've updated that code considerably since originally posting to that thread. I'd suggest using the command I built or grabbing the latest version of the code and working with that. I'll update the post with this same information - honestly I'd forgotten that I made that post :)